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Cancer is when cells formation in the body continue to reproduce new cells without control and forming hard tumor. The cells can move to any other part of the body where they will continue to reproduce and forming tumors. Cancer occurs when the body system is not balanced and the immune system is very low.

Symptoms include weight loss or gain, loss of appetite, fatigue, anemia, abnormal bleeding, headache, cough or hoarseness, digestive problem, changes in the skin, itches, etc. This does not mean that any body that has one or more of these symptoms has cancer. Cancer should be ruled out when investigating the cause of these symptoms until the result prove it. Many people with cancer develop no symptom until it become chronic. Regular check-up and personal observation are important in detecting cancer. Cancer can be cured when detected early.

There are different types of cancer: – Benign tumor grow slowly which does not spread to other parts of the body. Malignant tumor can destroy tissue surrounding it and spread to other parts of the body through blood-stream and lymphatic vessels. Many types of cancer are preventable with good nutrition and good lifestyle. Processed foods, low fiber diet and meat make cancer to grow in the body. Toxic, environmental pollution, exposure to radiation, smoking and alcohol consumption increase cancer formation in the body. Sugar and baker yeast increase fungal growth. Tobacco is carcinogenic and the mycotoxin and fusarium found in cigarette are some of the causes of uterus cancer, esophageal cancer and cancer of the lung. Beer and wine manufacturers expose process of fermentation to mycotoxin. This brings alcohol to fungal toxin. Alcohol has been linked to cause liver cancer, kidney cancer and stomach cancer. Cigarrette and alcohol have also been linked to blood cancer (Leukemia).

Cancer formation can be found in the throat, Lung, Skin, colon, bladder, liver, intestine, pancreas, bone, prostate, uterus, breast, ovaries, etc.

Type of cancer includes (1) Leukemia (2) Carcinomas (3) Sarcomas. Though the causes of cancer are not well known, good nutrition and exercise strengthen and boost the body immune system, the best way to avoid cancer.


Include the following anti-cancer foods in your meal while treating cancer:- Apple, broccoli, whole grain and cauliflower.

Use one of the follow three methods to treat your cancer:-


* Combine sheep sorrel, slippery elm, burdock root and rhubarb. Dry and use as tea. One tea spoonful each in hot water. Take one tea cup morning and evening.

* Combine cloves, wormwood and black walnut. One tea spoonful each in a tea cup and take two times daily.

* Yarrow should be taken by Leukemia patients to detoxify bone marrow. While those with skin cancer should use infusion of chaparral to bath.


* Mistletoe (viscum album) that grows on top of guava should be used as tea three times daily.

* Evening prime Rose: 500mg two times daily.

* Aloe vera  older than two years should be mixed with natural honey. Four (4) Aloe vera leaves in one litre of honey. Take 20ml three times daily.

* Cat-claw and orinol should be taking two times daily.


* Beem Propolis: 20ml two times daily.

* Nature-H2:2 capsules or 20ml two times daily.

* Living tea: One tea cup two times daily.

* Immune Defender:- Two Capsules 2 times daily.

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