Nature Magazine Limited was formed in 1999 by Evang. Dr. Austin Omokhua to educate the public about herbs and foods as medicine. In the year 2001, Evang. Dr. Austin Omokhua launched a foundation known as Natural Laboratories Limited.

Natural Laboratories Limited was formed to manufacture herbal medicine to treat and cure ailments that defy orthodox medicine as it has been discovered that there is no disease or sickness without solution in the field of natural medicine.

Natural Laboratories Limited has proven and tested scientists as permanent management staff that handle the running and research in the laboratories for best results.

Our team of Medical Scientists include: Dr. Oluwole Kadiri, Rev. Dr. Timothy Y. Ajayi, Dr. Jerry Akioya, Dr. Loko Abitima, Dr. Tina Ojosun, Rev. Dr. Jackson Itua, while Evang.Dr. Austin Omokhua is the Chief Medical Director.

In 2003 Natural Laboratories Limited and all the Medical Directors relocated to Lagos for better environment to meet with requirements for NAFDAC registration, the Regulatory health body in Nigeria.

All the products manufactured by Natural Laboratories Limited are distributed and marketed in Nigeria by Nature Magazine Limited and the products are presently available in the offices of Nature Magazine Limited.

Evang. Dr. Austin Omokhua was born in August 1952 in Ivue-Uromi, Edo State, Nigeria. He spread his knowledge and enthusiasm for herbal remedies through his lecture tours in the United States and Canada during the great herbal revolution between 1985 and 1990. His interest in natural health was initiated by his health difficulties during his college years.

Evang. Dr. Austin Omokhua studied Nutrition and Naturopathy at Tappe University in India, a graduate of Southern Carolina State University, U.S.A. He has his Ph.D at the Sabape University in India.

He has published several books including “How to Multiply your health and Sexual Power”. Evang. Dr. Austin Omokhua is a visiting consultant and lecturer in many institutions in Europe and America including University of May, Linus Institute of Science and Medicine in California. He has won many awards and he is an Executive member of many prestigious Herbal Scientific Board.