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Disease begins with cough and tightness in the chest that gets worsen until Laboured breathing and wheezing resulting to hard breathing. This life threatening disease allow only little air to pass out of the Lungs making the victim almost suffocating.

Causes:– Environmental pollution, allergy, cold weather, smoke, chemicals, animal hair, dust and pollen are some of the causes. The causes are many depending on individual sensitivities. Food allergies from egg, Cow milk, citrus fruits, groundnut, etc. can trigger the symptom.
Asthmatic patients produce little hydrochloric acid in their stomachs. Ninety percent of sufferers have below normal acid requirement. Glutamic acid, betain, stomach bitters, pepsin, papain and bromelain supplementation can improve the health of the sufferer by balancing hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

NUTRITIONAL REMEDY:– Vitamin ‘C’ with bioflavonoids, take 1,000mg two times daily. Vitamin ‘B’ complex with Vitamin ‘B’ 12. Magnesium, take 500mg daily. Quercetin, take up to 500mg two times daily. Vitamin ‘A’, take 12,000IU daily (avoid during pregnancy). Vitamin ‘E’, take 400iu daily.

HERBAL REMEDY:– Some sufferes inhale smoke from burnt dried leave of pawpaw and get instant relief, while some people use Euphorbia hirta (Asthma weed). Collect asthma weed, known as Emi-ile or Egele, Iroko Iju in Yoruba, Odane inemili in Igbo which is also known as Nonan Kurchiya in Hausa. Dry the leaves under a shade or at home, then use as tea. Take half glass three times daily. Other remedies include:-
Use Phyllanthus amarus and dissotis rotundifolia as herbal tea; dry the leaves, add hot water and take half glass three times daily. Take double dosage of living tea and Fresh-dew three times daily while you should keep the body warm always.
LIVING TEA and FRESH-DEW are made by Natural Laboratories Limited and available from the offices of Nature Magazine. Ask your doctor how you can use inhaler during emergency situation.

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