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Causes of Infertility

By 6th June 2017Common Ailments

After five years of childless marriage between Benson and Angela, the in-laws of both families went into words of war making the once happy home of Benson and Angela a sad one. Benson later accused Angela of barrenness. This was after Angela visited many hospitals and series of test proving Angela free, not barren. The husband later paid few visit to his doctor and he was also proved free, not infertile. All medical records of Benson and Angela showed both husband and wife was fertile and medically fit to bear children, but no child.

The marriage broke down after seven years of childless marriage when the secret girl friend of Benson came home with six months old pregnancy. Angela packed out of the marriage. After few months, Benson’s girl friend gave birth to a baby boy. Benson and his girl friend got married.

After six months Angela packed out of her marriage, she refunded her dowry and got married to a military officer. Angela gave birth to a baby girl in the eleventh month of her second marriage. Angela who is now a retired civil servant has four children in marriage (Three boys and one girl).

Benson now in his late 60 trained his only child to senior secondary school level before the boy fell sick. The doctor discovered the boy genotype to be AS. The mother’s and Benson’s read AA. The doctor invited the parent for query. If both parent genotype read AA, while should their son’s read AS?

This was the time the mother of the boy broke down and revealed the true father of the boy. Benson now in his old age, his parents are no more, he is suffering from depression and early old age sickness. Benson is now hopeless. Who will take the blame?


ANOVULATION: – When ovulation is not regular or fails. This is when egg is not produced after a female went through menstruation. A female ovulation is a harmonial process involving the pituitary, brain, ovary, hypothalamus hormones and thyroid gland, parathyroid, adrenal and all the endocrine glands working together.

Anovulation could be caused by ovarian disease called stein leven thaI syndrome, hormonial imbalance, wrong medication, depression or faulty endocrine gland. Remedy for Anovulation include balance diet with multivitamin, minerals and enzyme. NATUR-H2 PLUS, LIVING TEA herbal remedy and Folic ACID are the natural remedy and for Anovulation.

       FRESH-DEW herbal remedy should be added if polycystic ovarian disease is suspected.

HORMONE CRISES: – There are many anti-conception hormones, prolactin can affect ovulation. Prolactin milk from breast to make the systems of a non pregnant woman fill like a nursing mother to prevent another pregnancy. High procactin acts in the woman’s system as if she is already carrying   a pregnancy in other to prevent another one. This problem makes ovulation difficult.

Deficiency in the production of progesterone, short luteal phase can affect conception at any stage. It prevents the nourishment of fertilized egg where it might be made possible. Untreated prolactin or progesterone one problems prevent plantation of fertilized egg.


Remedy for hormonial crises include: vitamin ‘B’ complex with multivitamin and minerals, NATURE-H2 PLUS and LIVING TEA herbal liquid.

ENDOMETRIOSIS: – This is a disease of late marriage among women making inflammatory process around the ovary, uterus and the tube. It makes fertilization very difficult. Painful intercourse in women should be investigated as endometriosis. This disease causes scarring, adhesion and ovarian cysts.

Remedy for endometriosis include: raw tomatoes and dried ginger taken with food

Once daily. The patient should see her doctor. The herbal medicine include FRESH-DEW, NATURE –H2 PLUS and LIVING TEA HERBAL LIQUID.

BLOCKAGE OF THE TUBE: – Blockage of the tube that carries the egg to the place of fertilization occurs in high percentage of infertile women. Past infections not well treated, thick mucus in the cervix or scarring around the tube from previous surgery can lead to tubal blockage.

None surgical performance X-ray know as hysterosalphinogram (HSG) are used by

Physicians to investigate the cause of the blockage. Patients should see their doctor.

Natural remedy include: FRESH-DEW, GONAN and NATURE-H2 PLUS Herbal Remedy.

TUMORS: – Tumors like fibroid produce no symptom in most cases. Some lead to heavy menstruation and exert pressure on the bladder. It can be multiple or single. Some are as big as football or as small as peanut.

Fibroid does not prevent conception but often lead to miscarriage. The remedy

is surgical procedures, but many women are scared of this simple operation that does not take much stress.

Natural remedy include: raw tomatoes and raw onion with meal once daily, and FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2 PLUS, GONAN and LIVING TEA Herbal Liquid. The patient should visit her doctor for professional advice.

AMENORRHEA: – A woman menstruating regularly suddenly stop, with no menstruation for over 3 months. There are two types of amenorrhea (Primary and Secondary amenorrhea) in a woman who have not reached her menopause period or age.

Natural remedy include: NATURE-H2 PLUS, LIVING TEA Herbal Remedy and

FRESH-DEW Herbal Remedy.

CERVICAL HOSTILITY: – The woman’s cervix produces antibodies to kill the sperm of the man. This is a situation where the woman’s cervix did not agree with the sperm of the man because they are incompatible. The woman cervix easily recognizes the sperm of the man during intercourse and produce antibodies immediately and kill the man’s sperm just at the cervical entrance. This condition can be detected by a method known as Post Coital Cervical Sperm Analysis. Female incompatibility with or allergy to male sperm is on the increase. See your doctor for the analysis and professional advice.

UNKNOWN FACTORS: – This can be referred to as spiritual wickedness where the result of all the tests done will confirm both to be fertile, yet they can not produce pregnancy.

We advice the couples in this situation to visit a Pentecostal church, see the pastor who will lead them to Jesus Christ for immediate solution. Jesus Christ has done it for many and he is still doing it free. But run away from any pastor who need money from you before the remedy. Fake pastors demand money for prayers that will lead you to Jesus Christ. Such prayers where money is paid or sacrifice made can not be answered by our Lord Jesus Christ.


About forty percent of men are responsible for infertility in their marriage. It has been discovered that constant use of laptop decreases the fertility rate of both male and female.

INFECTIONS: – Poorly treated sexually transmitted disease can become resistant to drugs. Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Staphylococcus, Chlamydia, etc. are some of the infections that can destroy male sperm if they are poorly treated.

All male sexually transmitted diseases should be treated by qualified doctors.

Herbal remedy for sexually transmitted diseases are FRESH-DEW and GONAN Herbal Remedy. Couples should take the treatment at the same time.

OLIGOSPERMIA: – Inadequate sperm production by the tastes or poor sperm motility has been on increase in recent years. This is because of environmental toxin, radiation, drugs, cigarette smoking, chemical fertilizer in modern food, home and industrial or street pollution, frequent intercourse, etc. All these lead to low sperm count.

Herbal remedy for Oligospermia is the combination of NATURE-H2 PLUS and LIVING TEA Herbal Liquid for treatment.

AZOOSPERMIA: – Though high percentage of this disease is natural from birth, many are caused as result of bad lifestyle. Absence of living sperm in the body is correctable.

The herbal remedy for azoospermia is the combination of LIVING TEA herbal Liquid and NATURE-H2 PLUS Herbal Remedy with good nutrition.

VARICOCELE/UNDESCENDED TESTICLE: – When varicose condition of the scrotum grouped together and restrict blood flow, undescended testes and glandular diseases affecting the hypothalamus and the testes.

Visit your doctor for professional remedy and advice.

TIGHT CLOTHES: – Exposure to heat in the factory or hot bath or saunas can damage the vein flow in the system. Wearing tight underwear pants can also interfere with sperm formation.

Remedy: Multivitamin with minerals, vitamin B6, B12, folic acid, zinc and

NATURE-H2 PLUS, LIVING TEA Herbal Liquid and change of Life-Style.

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