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Common Ailments and Remedies

By 7th June 2017Common Ailments

ABSCESS: Caused by bacteria’s, viruses and fungal through injuries. FRESHDEW should be used.

ACNE: The body greasy oil and keratin block the pore causing a blackhead. This makes bacteria to be present to form pimple like. Use FRESHDEW

AGING: Accumulation of waste by free radicals on skin. Use NATURE  H2 to rejuvenate the body and look younger.

ALLERGY: Reaction by body immune system and environmental pollution. Staphylococcus and other bacteria’s irritate the system. NATURE  H2 and FRESH-DEW should be used.

ALZHEIMER: The causes of this disease is yet unknown. Treatment include application of NATURE H2, FRESH-DEW, GINKGO BILOBA, VITAMIN A, C, E, B complex and ROYAL-JELLY.

ANAEMIA: Lack of iron in the blood. Dark green vegetable should be used and supplement with multivitamins and minerals.

ANXIETY: A result of  tress and drugs. Use NATURE-  H2 with multivitamins and minerals.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS: When calcium and fats deposits block blood circulation. Use NATURE- H2, FRESH-DEW, FISH OIL, ONION, GARLIC and VEGETABLES.

ARTHRITIS: Inflammation and wearing out of the skeletal joints. Use NATURE- H2, FRESH-DEW, FISH OIL, Vitamins C, E, raw vegetables and eat less sugar, salt and red meat.

ASTHMA: Respiratory disease, Environmental pollution and allergies are the causes. Use NATURE-H2, FRESH-DEW, GINKGO BILOBA, GARLIC, VITAMIN A, C, E, B12, B6, CALCIUM and inhale smoke from dried pawpaw leave during attack.

BALDNESS (Hair Loss): Seborrhoea on scalp of the head and pores blockage are the causes. Use NATURE-H2, Vitamin B12, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, Iron and manganese for hair growth.

BLOOD CIRCULATION: Known as arteriosclerosis is the cause of stroke and heart attack. This is caused by poor circulation. Use NATURE-H2, FRESH-DEW, GARLIC, CAYENNE, Vitamin C and E. Avoid saturated oil, coffee and alcohol.

BODY ODOUR: Lack of good body detoxification by the kidney, Liver and bowel causes body odour. Use FRESH-DEW, daily.

BREAST FEEDING: Breast feeding problem, non production of sufficient milk for the baby is caused by improper feeding by mothers. Take  FRESH-DEW, FLUID and Fruits.

BROKEN BONE: Though bone disease can increase predisposition for broken bone, it is caused by a fall or accident. Use FRESH-DEW, SILICA in horsetail, comfrey and calcium.

CIRRHOSIS: Alcohol abuse is one of the causes. Other causes are infections, lack of magnesium, hepatitis virus and autoimmune disorder. Use FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2, Dandelion, Black radish, stinging nettle.

CONJUNCTIVITIS: This is caused by infections (Bacteria or virus). Use FRESH-DEW, Vitamin A with Camomile and fresh fruits.

COUGH: Cough is an evidence of bacteria or virus presence in the systems. Use FRESH-DEW every four hours, vitamin A, C and E.

CRAMPS: Uncontrolled contraction of muscle fibres. Use FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2 and multivitamins.

CYSTS (BENIGN TUMOUR): A cancerous tumour that are common in prostate, neck, testicles, lungs, colon, throat, breast, stomach, uterus, skin, womb, ovaries, etc. Use FRESH-DEW, BEEM PROPOLIS, Garlic, Carotene, Vitamin C, E and multiminerals.

DEHYDRATION: When a person losses water from the body more than the liquid he/she drinks. Use NATURE- H2 and drinks more liquid including fruit juice and soup.

DEPRESSION: When overwhelmed with responsibility. Sadness, bad events, loss of a loved one give birth to depression. Take NATURE- H2.

DRY SKIN: When cells flake up and make the skin, face, body look dry, aged and wrinkle. Use NATURE  H2 with multivitamin and minerals

EAR PROBLEMS: Viruses and bacteria’s enter middle ear through malfunctioning Eustachian tube. Use FRESH-DEW, and evening prime rose.

EPILEPSY: Seizure occurs when the electrical current in the brain is overloaded. Eliminate food that are allergic. Use FRESH-DEW and Nature-  H2, for treatment.EYE PROBLEMS: Causes are many. Use FRESH-DEW, evening prime rose, carotene, vitamin A, C, E, st. John Wort and ginkgo.

SEXUAL PROBLEM: Impotence, premature ejaculation, frigidity, virginal dryness, blocked fallopian tube, low libido, low sperm count, watery sperm, women allergy to male sperm (rejection of male sperm) and Lack of ovulation should be treated with NATURE-H2 and FRESH-DEW while FORMULA-12 PERFORMANCE should be added when treating weakness of penis or impotence.

GALL BLADDER PROBLEM: Poor diet and sluggish liver and when little bile is produced. Use FRESH-DEW, for treatment.

GASTRITIS: Swelling and irritation of the stomach membranes which produce discomfort. Treat with FRESH-DEW.

GLAUCOMA: Poor drainage or increased fluid build up not able to be drained out from the eyeball damage the optic nerve that aids vision. Treat with FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2, Bilberry, Ginkgo biloba, Horsetail, Vitamins A, B complex, C and E. Eat green leave vegetable always.

HEART ATTACK: When part of the heart muscle receive no blood or oxygen. Use FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2, LIVING TEA, Vitamin C and E.

HEART BURN: A digestive disorder with high stomach acidity. Treat with FRESH-DEW,.

HAEMORRHOIDS: Pile is caused by weakness in the venous system. Treat with FRESH-DEW, Mix witch hazel with shell butter and insert into the anus after each defecation to shrink blood vessels. Wash with water alter each defecation (toilet). Mix five drops of FRESH-DEW, with witch hazel and shell butter, sweet basil for insertion into the anus.

INSOMNIA: Not able to sleep at night can be as a result of drugs, stress, depression, worries, tension, etc. sleep quality decreases with age. Use FRESH-DEW and Vitamin B complex.

INTESTINAL PARASITES: Parasites range from microscopic creatures to worms. Use FRESH-DEW. FRESH-DEW kills and expels over 100 types of parasites from the body.

KIDNEY STONE: Concentration of minerals and crystallised in the kidney. Treat with FRESH-DEW; Also drink carrot juice daily.

MEASLES: A viral infection that is highly contagious especially with children. Treat with FRESH-DEW; Drink tea made from fennel, camomile or sage twice a daily, Disinfect and rinse mouth with sage tea. Take multivitamins which include vitamin A, C and E.

MENSTRUATION: Correct menstrual problems with FRESH-DEW. FRESH-DEW is the remedy to cramp, heavy, scanty, irregular menstruation, etc.

MIGRAINE: Headache on one side of the head, frontal area, eye and allergic reaction caused by stress, bad diet and bad posture when standing or sitting. Use NATURE- H2.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Debilitating neurological symptoms that disturb the victim’s speech and vision. The immunity of the body and the virus engage each other and cause autoimmune problems. Treat with FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2, Colloidal silver, kelp, dandelion and alfalfa.

NAILS PROBLEMS: Fungal infection is one of the major causes. Treat with FRESH-DEW.

NAUSEA AND VOMITING: Problems of gastrointestinal tract. Treat with FRESH-DEW.

NEPHRITIS: Infection causes the kidney to swell. Treat with FRESH-DEW, garlic and multivitamins and mineral. Drink large quantities of liquid daily.

OBESITY: Remove sugar and simple carbohydrate from diet. Mix two spoons (20ml) of fresh-dew with lime (20ml), lemon (20ml) in a glass of water. Take two times daily.

OSTEOPOROSIS: Disease common during menopause is caused when the bone masses start reducing. The bones then become fragile and brittle. Use FRESH-DEW, vitamins C, E, D, carotene and calcium.

PARKINSON: Caused by the reduction of substance in the body known as dopamine. It is a nervous system disease. Treat with FRESH-DEW, NATURE- H2, Royal jelly, multivitamins and minerals.

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME: (PMS) Abnormal bleeding, pains and discomfort during menstruation. Use FRESH-DEW.

PROSTATE: Swelling of male sexual prostate gland. Treat with FRESH-DEW, NATURE-H2, Carotene, multivitamins and minerals.

RHEUMATISM: Inflammation of the cartilages and synovial fluid. This causes pains in the joints. Treat with NATURE-H2, Calcium, Magnesium and fish oil.

SKIN INFECTION: Infection caused by bacteria, virus or fungal. Treat with FRESH-DEW. Eat fresh green vegetables daily.

SNORING: Vibrating breathes while relax and sleeping. Treat with FRESH-DEW and sleep on one side. Do not sleep on back in the bed.

STRETCH MARKS: When the skin stretch very fast, ugly marks appear. Treat with FRESH-DEW. Eat Fresh green vegetable daily.

STROKE: The death of neurons because of no blood circulation to the brain. Use NATURE- H2, FRESH-DEW, LIVING TEA, Vitamins, minerals, ginkgo balboa, garlic and Omega 3.