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Conditions for Ecstasy

By 7th June 2017Personal Health

It has been made clear that sex is a privilege and a world without sex is a world without future. It is not just having sex that matters but having a joyous and pleasure filled one. Even the Bible text in 1 Cor. 7:3 says “Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence and likewise also the wife unto the husband. The wife has not power of her own body but the husband; likewise the husband had not power of his own body but the wife”. This shows that God approves sex and the pleasure it brings. He made the female attractive to the male to make sure this species would propagate and make the act of propagation pleasurable. Would God have made sex so joyous, so pleasure filled, if it were wrong?

These are the basic requirements for ecstasy: Taking the act of sex by finding a different time of the day or different room in your home to make love. As this will give way to a new variety in your sex life. Especially if you have experienced failure and no longer has confidence in your sex ability, you find that attempting to perform in the usual setting will be reminding you of your past.

Another requirement is for you to make your bedroom a restful place, a place that invites you to love making. That is making it a refuge, a place away from the canes of the world, as it is imperative that you relax. Your bedroom should be a place of relaxing to forget about the days stress. Things like fresh flowers, plenty pillows for relaxing, soft music and soft lights should be present. And make sure it private enough for total relaxation, train your children not to enter without knocking. If possible perfume your sheets and pillowcase. Odour do affect one’s sex.

Again, buy your partner a sexy night gown, her favorite perfume, flowers or gift to make her more receptive, date her and she will respond. There is definite “feedback” in relationship between male and female. Treat your partner as the most sexiest female partner and she in-turn will treat you as a sexy male. If you make it obvious that you are still interested in sex and capable, then your partner will respond by making herself usually attractive and appealing.

Some conditions such as taking your partner to the motel, will help you forget about the trouble at home. This will make both of you to be relaxed.
Walking hand in hand, and together select a special area in your backyard during the daytime, make plan to return in the evening with a blanket, pillows and a basket of fruits prepared to enjoy a very special evening.
Buying an Educational book on sex techniques that is doctor approved and learn from it. Read it with your partner as it is surprisingly stimulating to learn new things, spend the night together.

Sending of cards, invitations through mail, several days in advance informing her of how much you want her and the night you have planned to be with her.
Enjoy a bath or shower with your partner. Fill the tub with warm and not hot water because hot water weakens sexual strength. Bath each other in the tub. This is not only relaxing but an excellent way of rediscovering the body of your partner.
Learn the technique of massage and teach your partner this techniques as this helps to tone and relax the muscles. You don’t need to be professional masseur to give a good sensual massage. Just remember to have a gentle, yet firm touch. Begin by having both of you take a warm bath together. You may need a towel and an oil, like baby oil. Have your partner lie on her stomach on a comfortable surface, begin with the hair, gentle her scalp with your finger tips. Then move to the neck and massage this area from the hair line to the base of neck, using long strokes. Massaging between the shoulder blades can be very relaxing take note of this area. You can use a firmer touch on the rest of the back, continue in the same manner with the legs and feet then to toes. Then turnover and let your partner do same to you, but creates a gradual growing desire for intercourse.
Thinking more about sex and teaching your partner what to do. The more you think about it, the more the desire burns in you.

Conclusively, if you follow this report and apply the necessary approaches, vitamins, exercise and the conditions for ecstasy you will surely regain your sexual ability if it was in a state of failure before. And for those that are still effective, more skill and improvement in your sexual life guaranteed.

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