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DAILY FER YEAST: is known in Europe and America as Daily Fertility Yeast and is indicated for male and female infertility, Frigidity, Poor eye sight, Menstruation problems, Premature menopause and Low Sperm count.

DAILY FER YEAST, A nutritional herbal product is made from: Glycine maxmerr, Newbouldia Leavis, Ocinum, etc.

GLYCINE MAXMERR: is rich in multivitamins and minerals and reduces cholesterol. It promotes the functions of the kidney. Glycine Maxmerr prevents Thombosis and some type of cancer because of the presence of genistein and anticarcinogen agent in it. Phyto-estrogen in it makes it possible to normalize Estrogen in women.

NEWBOULDIA LAEVIS: also known as Fertility plant is traditionally used for women Gynaecological problems, Anovulation, Endometriosis, Hormonal deficiencies, Uterine malposition and Cervical blockage.

OCINUM: is traditionally used to lower blood sugar, rejuvenates pancreas and indicated for infertility, frigidity, Eye problems, Emotional stress, Blood and stomach problems.

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