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Diabetes is very common. Type two diabetes is the adult onset type with frequent need to urinate. Such urine has high content of sugar, while symptoms include constant fatigue, blurred vision, itchy skin, low resistance to illness while injury heals poorly. Headache, tingling in the hands and feet and impotence are also some symptoms of diabetes. Though diabetes start as from the ages of sixty years, symptoms start setting early in life before old age.
Diabetes mellitus is a situation where ISLET OF LANGERHANS cell produce insulin in the pancreas as hormone insulin and fluid, while the alpha cells of the ISLETS produce glycogen. The insulin helps in the digestion of proteins and fats in the intestine but the alpha cells of the ISLETS which raises sugar level in the body making people develop diabetes.

CAUSES:– Include wrong medication, overweight, hereditary, Lifestyle, Sugar, Coffee, Cola drinks, ice Cream, biscuits and other refined foods.

NUTRITIONAL REMEDIES:– Vitamin ‘B’ Complex:- Use vitamin ‘B’ complex 100mg daily, Evening Primrose:- use 500mg two times daily. Coenzyme QIO:- use 100mg daily. Zinc Picolinate:- 15mg daily. Selenium 100mcg daily. Inositol:- 500mg two times daily. Vitamin ‘A’ 10,000 daily (avoid during pregnancy). Magnesium:- 500mg daily. Chromium:- 150 mcg two times daily. Vitamin ‘C’:- with bioflavonoid, 1000mg daily. Vitamin ‘E’:- with mixed tocopherols, 400iu daily.

HERBAL REMEDIES:– There are varieties and ways of treating diabetes mellitus. Vernonia amydalina, popularly known as bitter leave, is used for the treatment of over 20 types of diseases including diabetes. Bitter leaves repair the pancreas and at the same time reduce blood sugar. Squeeze or pound some quantities of fresh bitter leave and take half glass of the juice three times daily. The newly formed green leave of pawpaw in combination with that of bitter leave makes good treatment for diabetes.
Ginkgo biloba extract assists in the prevention of diabetes. Other form of treatment include the uses of Bilberry, Goat rue, Alfalfa, Aloe-vera, Onion, licorice, Ginger, ginseng, Kelp, garlic, Capsicum and burdock root. Combination of three or more of these herbs gives good treatment of diabetes mellitus.

(a) Nature H2:- take two table spoonful two times daily.

(b) Fresh-dew:- take two table spoonful two time daily.

(c) Gonan:- take two capsules two times daily.

(d) Living tea:- take two table spoonful daily.

NATURE-H2, FRESH DEW, GANAN and LIVING TEA are available from the officies of Nature Magazine.

Diabetic should avoid heavy meal, but eat many times daily. Take little meal each time

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