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High blood pressure

By 7th June 2017Personal Health

The Force with which the blood presses into the artery wall can be lower or higher. If it is lower you call it low blood pressure while it is known as high blood pressure if it is higher. High blood pressure also known as hypertension has long-term effect that can cause stroke, kidney failure, heart attack and retinal damage. Reading of over 140/90 for any person under fifty years old indicates hypertension. Individual fluctuation can be associated with people over fifty years old. Three readings should be made before the final diagnosis because fluctuation is normal.
As blood circulates round the system, the amount of pressure that exerted on the body is known as Blood Pressure. The use of an instrument known as sphygmomanometer gives 125 / 70 mmHg to 140 / 80 mmHg as normal for adult while 150 / 90 and above is high and should call for medical attention.

CAUSES: Cultural and Social up bringing, Environmental Pollution, Hereditary, Life Style, worry, anxiety, envy, hatred, Lack of exercise and obesity are some of the causes of hypertension

NUTRITIONAL REMEDY:- Coenzyme QIO; take 100mg two times daily; Garlic; take three capsules two times daily Magnesium:- take 500mg daily Calcium:- take 1,500mg daily in divided doses, Evening Primrose:- Use 500mg two times daily. Vitamin ‘C’ and Zinc should be used daily when treating hypertension

(a) Mistletoe is one of the oldest remedy for hypertension
(b) Hawthorn regulates high blood pressure.
(c) Chamomile is also good for hypertension
(d) Living tea made from anti-hypertensive plants.
(e) Fresh-dew made from herbal plants that helps the heart and cleanses toxic from the body. Fresh-dew rejuvenates the heart and lower blood pressure when used with living tea and Nature-H2. Fresh-dew, Living tea and Nature-H2 are formulated by Natural Laboratories Limited and they are available from the offices of Natural Magazine.

Hypertensive patient should take up to 1.5 Litres of clean water immediately after getting up from bed. He / she should avoid salt. Chill peppers, thyme, garlic, parsley, Morjoram, Cayenne and curry should be used in seasoning of Food instead of salt. Remember the medicinal value of carrot juice as natural remedy of high blood pressure. Seven medium size of ripe banana equals a single dosage of hypertensive drug.

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