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Human immunodeficiency Virus known as a retrovirus that copies its genetic material onto the genetic material of human cells. The cell remains infected once they are infected. HIV prevents the immune system to function normally making it vulnerable to diseases. Healthy immune system fights diseases. The major cells that fight diseases and coordinate the immune system are destroyed by HIV. This gives room to opportunistic infections. Opportunistic infections are diseases by pathogens that are always around people, infections that can not affect healthy people with healthy immune systems, instead of keeping them under control, weakened immune system allow infections to infect the whole body. Out-of-control-cells which are also kept in check by the immune system allow opportunistic tumors and wasting syndrome and HIV encephalopathy (when immune in the brain are damaged by HIV causing the brain and nerves not to work well) because HIV don’t have symptom of its own.
HIV is not Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is the result of the depletion of specific immune cells caused by HIV. AIDS is not a disease with predictable symptoms. AIDS is a syndrome which is a collection of signs and symptoms that vary from person to person. Many people do not know they have HIV. It is ailments like fever, rashes, sore throat, cough and other diseases that may first appear. When these ailments coincide with the period that the blood test positive for HIV antibodies that it is referred to as a seroconversion disease.
It takes months or years before the effect of HIV infection becomes apparent. Studies show that damage to the body tends to become more serious as time goes on that infections may appear.

CAUSES: There are many ways of transmitting HIV. Blood to blood contact, through unprotected sexual contact, sharing of needles among intravenous users, unstirelised barbing and hair dressing instruments are the known method people can be infected with HIV. Blood transfusion and infected blood products, mother to baby during pregnancy, birth or breast feeding are also ways of contracting HIV.
Since HIV has come to stay with the people, it has been assumed that pre-existing condition for the development of AIDS. It is not always like that. Immune system can be compromised in other ways including idiopathic CD4 Iymphocytopenia (ICL) which in rare cases can bring about the same types of infections related to AIDS.
There are four ways taking care of HIV after confirmation of the virus. The secondary infections that arises from HIV can be inhibited by strengthening the body immune system.

Over seventy five percent of HIV victims die as a result of secondary infections that develop. Food with nutritional value can prolong life and person living with HIV lives normal and happy life.

Vegetables and fruits in their natural state offer optimal nutritional support and boost immunity. Nutritional immunity. Nutritional immunity should be given serious consideration immediately HIV has been confirmed. Raw foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds provide immunity and body building enzymes. All fruits are good but should include one or more of the following:- Grape fruits, carrots, guava, orange, mango, pawpaw, green pepper, berries, onion and garlic. Vegetables and grain grown organically are richer in minerals, such as zinc, selenium and vitamins. Selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C and E have been discovered to be deficient in people with HIV. Antitumor and antiviral properties have been discovered in shiitake mushrooms that can stop formation of HIV cells, especially newly formed T-4 cells.

Lymphocyte clumping that makes it easy for HIV virus to spread from one cell to another in the body can be prevented by some properties in SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, GARLIC, CATS CLAW AND CHAPARRAL.

Many germs grow without interference where there is poor circulation and supply of oxygen. It is important to increase oxygen supply of red blood cells. Chlorophyll and vitamin B12, vitamins A, C and E should be used with SHIITAKE MUSHROOM, ORINOL, PLANBETEN, CHAPARRAL and CATS CLAW in the treatment of HIV patient. Be wise. HIV is treatable and curable but many facts depend on method of application.

Malabsorption of nutrients is one of the problems people with HIV suffer. Bowel movement or diarrhoea compromises the life style of HIV patient. Unhealthy fats from meat, margarine and other diet should be avoided. Refined foods should also be avoided. Eat foods that provide vitamins, minerals and unrefined oil that provide essential faty acid which the body required to produce antiflammatory prostagladins.

Vegetable protein, flax seed oil, low fiber foods, fruits, oatmeal, eggs, rice, mashed potatoes, lettuce, sprout, spinach and broccoli are good foods for HIV patient. Drink plenty of fluid (water and fruits juice) daily.

Many ailments show symptoms same as that of HIV. Immune system can be low while suffering from other ailments and ill equipped laboratories result of a patient records HIV positive. Such a person should confirm the result at Federal or State government laboratories managed by specialists.

Antiretroviral drugs are available throughout the world and many countries offer drugs and services to the public freely. Know your HIV status and visit any of the health centres for antiretroviral drugs. These drugs must be used with Doctor’s supervision to avoid abuse.

Those on antiretroviral drugs who want to be HIV negative should use one of these two methods for at least six months. Six months period of treatment is considered as a full dosage in natural medicine for HIV while continuous uses after the first six months is advisable.

Take raw fruits, vegetables and nuts daily.
* Evening prime Rose: 500mg daily.
* Chaparral: 15mg two times daily.
* Garlic: 4,500mcg two times daily.
* Orinol: 200mg two times daily.
* Planbeten:- 50mg two times daily.
* Shiitake mushrooms:- 25 drops extract daily.
* Cats claw: 10mg two times daily.

Those who take higher dosage of orinol and planbeten daily become negative within few months. Orinol and Planbeten are foods with no side effect if consumed in large quantities but the medicinal properties are abundant in their seeds.

Take raw fruits, vegetables and nuts daily.
* Beem propolis:- two table spoonful (20ml) twice daily.
* Nature H2:- two capsules or 2 table spoonful (20ml) two times daily
* Living Tea:- One tea cup two times daily.
* Immune Defender: 4 capsules 2 times daily.
The active ingredients in BEEM PROPOLIS are:- Shiitake mushrooms, cats claw, orinol, planbeten, Chaparral and other healing properties for cancer and HIV. Many people who are HIV Positive became negative within six months after using Beem Propolis, NATURE -H2 is an immune booster and cleanses the body for cell rejuvenation while LIVING TEA is food for the heart. Immune Defender:- defends newly formed cells against any infection.

Taking Beem Propolis with Nature H2 and Living tea produces great therapeutical effects. Beem Propolis, Nature H2 and Living Tea are products of NATURAL LABORATORIES LIMITED and the products are available from the offices of Nature Magazine Limited.

For More information contact any of the following telephone number +234-803-3-110-988, 0802-2-127-914, 0805-9-053-426, 0806-7-522-889, 0805-9-053-743, 0807-7-437-874.

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