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Lack of erection and Lack of interest in sexual intercourse can be referred to as impotence but impotence has a friend which is also known as infertility. Sexually active married man and woman (couple) that are not able to bear a child after two years can be said to be infertile. There are two types of infertility,
(a) Primary infertility and (b) Secondary infertility
A woman who is unable to conceive and has not conceived in the past after many efforts is regarded as primary infertility sufferer, while a woman who conceived in the past or bear a child / children in the past and not able to conceive or bear Children again after much efforts may be suffering from secondary infertility
A man can also be said to be infertile if he can not make a woman pregnant after much efforts.

Causes:- There are many causes of impotence. Low testosterone level in a man can make him have low Libido and lack of interest in Sexual activities. Common cause of impotence in the world today is over indulgence in Sexual intercourse in an early age. The man dried up his Libido when he was under age. In adult-hood and old age he will result to stimulants which may help for only few years.
Other causes of impotence include:- drugs, especially anti-hypertensive, anti-diabetes, antidepressants drugs, ulcer medications and many street drugs reduce Libido. Poor Libido is one of the causes of impotence.
Some of the causes of impotence also include:- FOOD, you are what you eat. Some foods weaken your sexual desire while many foods promote Libido. Raw food promotes Libido. WRONG MEDICATION:- Men that take to self medication are likely to suffer from impotence. ENVIRONMENT:- the people around you and culture can easily interfere with your up bringing. SICKNESS:- Pile, dysentery, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. can also lead to impotence. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECT:- depression, strong emotions, anger, boredom, anxiety, guilt, etc contribute to impotence because state of the mind dictates when it comes to relationship. Couples lose interest when relationship becomes routine instead of pleasure. SEXUAL STIMULANTS, has rendered many men sexually useless after many years using such emergency drugs.

Vitamin ‘B’ Complex:- 50mg three times daily.
Vitamin ‘E’:- with mixed to tocopherols 600iu two time daily.
Zinc:- 30mg daily. Copper:- 3mg daily.
Vitamin ‘C’:- with bioflavonoid 1,000mg daily.
Vitamin ‘A’:- 25,000iu daily.

HERBAL REMEDIES:- Aloe vera is one of the most effective treatment for impotence. Use Aloe vera roots that is older than three years. Soak this plant’s root in water that has up to eighteen percent alcohol. Take 20ml two time daily,

(a) Yohimbe: Use 1.5 grm two times daily
(b) Siberian ginseng: Use 15 drops tincture or 1.2 grm capsule two times daily.
(c) NATURE-H2:- take two capsules or 20ml two times daily.
(d) Fresh-Dew:- Use 20ml two times daily. FRESH-DEW should be combined with any treatment for impotence to flush out bacteria because over fifty percent of impotence in the world is as a result of bacteria infections.
Veneral diseases, dysentery, pile, fever, hypertension and diabetes should be treated.

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