Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Your medicine, Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew are common medications in my household. We used the medicine for staphylococcus and syphilis infections some years ago and the result was good. Because of the potency of the medicine, it became household name in my family. My brother-in-law living with us who also uses the medicine regularly was infected with H.I.V. recently by a girl he proposed to marry.

We were disappointed that your medicine could not build the immunity required that can protect a regular user not to contact such infection. Now that my brother-in-law is H.I.V. positive, which of your medicine can he used to cure himself? If possible, can the girl that infected him be cured by the same medicine?

Alfred Ojibo, Abuja.


Dear Ojibo,

     Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew are not herbal medicine for cure, treatment or prevention of H.I.V. or AIDS.

There is no known cure for H.I.V./AIDS. Visit any government health centre nearest to you for advice and possible Free Anti-retroviral drugs.




Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Your so-called Nature-H2 medicine advertised as answer or cure-all diseases could not cure my eye problems as a result of cataract and glaucoma. I have been using the medicine for the past one year for eye problem, dead sperm cells and arthritis. Though it had boosted my sperm cells and healthy and also healed my arthritis, what of this eye problems? Is there any other medicine I can use for the cataract and glaucoma?

Mr. Jacob Obodero,  Ibadan.


Dear Mr. Obodero,    

     Eye is one of the most delicate part of the body that requires good care even in treatment. Visit your doctor for more medical advice and proper diagnosis. Use fresh aloe-vera juice, as eye drop three times daily when using Nature-H2 for cataract or glaucoma.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

After reading Nature Magazine, I discovered the work of Fresh-dew which I recommended to my co-tenants. This medicine cured their diseases and heart problems.  I also introduced it to people we work together at Apapa Wharf. Because of the high cost I could not afford to buy it since one need to use it for at least 3 months. I have been suffering from heart problems which the doctor called thrombosis and also Liver disease which the doctor also called hepatitis. I know Fresh-dew medicine can remove these sicknesses from me, but I want you to sell the medicine to me at a reduced price since I have brought many customers that patronized you or let me know the type of food or herbs I can use by my-self without spending money.

Santos Abaki,



Dear Abaki,

            It is very expensive to use natural product especially when treating ailment. We advice the public to visit their doctors in government hospitals when ever they are sick. Some government hospitals offer free treatment. Ailments that defy medical applications can be treated with natural products.

     Thrombosis and hepatitis can be treated with combination of FRESH-DEW Herbal Remedy and NATURE-H2 medicine. White onion in combination with garlic and watermelon relieve the pains and symptoms. Meet a natural specialist for guidelines.




Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Five years ago my doctor pronounced me impotent after he tried his best to heal me without success. My senior brother encouraged me to search further when he brought Nature Magazine edition number 3 to me. I discovered Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew which I have been using till date. Though I got healed after using Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew within the first year and my wife is presently carrying the second pregnancy after giving birth to my son twenty months ago. Should I still continue to use Fresh-dew and Nature-H2 ?  Advice me on what to do as  I  plan to stop using them.

Akome Agbebafu, Auchi.


Dear Agbebafu,

            You can stop using Fresh-dew and Nature-H2 if you are healed.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

I am happy to write you this letter and I salute all the workers of your company. Oga, I know you can help me solve this problem because my sister used your medicine for fruit of the womb after 16 years of childless marriage and she is now having children.

My penis was big and long before, but it is now small. I am 54 years old and I can still meet my wife when we are together, but the problem is the size of my penis which has reduced too much. What can I do to make it big as before?

Kevin Ojadimeko,



Dear Ojadimeko,

            Your problem is natural which every man must go through in old age. As a man gets older the penis continues to shrink back into the body. This process starts at about the age of 40 years and one may not notice it until about the age of 50 or 60. Greater part of this organ remains inside the body while only small part appears outside.

            To maintain the normal size of penis and avoid shrinkage, use NATURE-H2 daily. Those who take NATURE-H2 daily do not experience this problem. Though Nature-H2 can not enlarge penis, it helps maintain the size and avoid shrinkage.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Last week, I came and bought Fresh-dew at your Lagos office. The girl I met told me to also buy Gonan which I did but I was not happy. My friend who introduced Fresh-dew to me used the product to treat Staphylococcus without adding Gonan and he was healed. Does it mean Fresh-dew cannot cure my Staphylococcus and Gonorrhoea without adding Gonan?

Ademola Isonofo,



Dear Isonofo,

            Fresh-dew alone can be used in the treatment of any sexually transmitted infection that is less than two years. Gonan should be combined with Fresh-dew when treating infections that have stayed in the body for many years.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

In your edition number 9 and 10 you promised that Fresh-dew and Nature-H2 will be available in chemists throughout Nigeria as from March 2009. After almost one year, the products are not available in any chemist. Why have you disappointed us? We live far from Lagos, where you presently have the products. I only wanted to use Fresh-dew and Nature-H2 for my blocked fallopian tube and infertility because the medicine worked for my uncle’s wife who had the same problems two years ago. Where can I get this medicine to buy at Abeokuta because I can not be coming to Lagos all the time?

Mrs. Susan Abokhade,



Dear Mrs. Abokhade,

            Nigeria system is unlike that of Ghana and South Africa where the products are available in chemist shops. We are trying to prevent the products going to wrong hands and to avoid faking or adulteration. The products are available in all the offices of Nature Magazine Nationwide.

     We can also deliver the products to you at your door step if you can not come to Nature Magazine office.

     Pay into the company’s account and text your names and address to any telephone numbers of Nature Magazine. You will receive the products through courier service within two days. Check Nature Magazine page 14 for price list and page 27 for account number. We deliver Nation-wide and overseas.




Dear Editor-In-Chief,

My wife said her friend used Fresh-dew to remove her tumor. My wife now want to use Fresh-dew to remove her Fibroid since tumor and Fibriod grow in the womb almost the same way. Can Fresh-dew remove or treat Fibroid? What of my Father’s Prostate cancer, can Fresh-dew truly work for these sicknesses, Fibroid, Cancer or Prostate Cancer?

Mr. Effiong Ikotedom,



Dear Mr. Ikotedom,

            Fresh-dew can gradually shrink Fibroid, Tumor or any form of cancer or prostate enlargement provided raw Onion and tomatoes are taken daily with Fresh-dew. Take half onion with two medium size of tomatoes daily when using Fresh-dew to treat- fibroid, tumor or prostate enlargement.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Nature-H2 works but is very expensive. I married my wife when I was 25 years old and remain without a child till when I became 61 years old. My wife whom I married when she was 17 years old became pregnant at the age of 53 years, ten months after both of us started using Nature-H2. We now have two children in our old age. For this, we say thank you and wish you God’s  blessing.

Now we need additional help. We have been using the Liquid of Nature-H2 but recently when we got to your Calabar branch, the man there gave us the capsules and told us that the Liquid was out of stock. Help us supply the Liquid of Nature-H2 and reduce the price for us as old customers.

Mr. Benedict Nsuk,



Dear Mr. Nsuk,

            The prices are fixed as stated on page 14 of the Magazine. Nature-H2 capsules are as potent as the Liquid.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Last year, I used Fresh-dew and Gonan to treat my Staphylococcus, Syphilis and Gonorrhoea and was cured. The Laboratory test result also showed that I was cured. Since then, I have been faithful to my wife and have not been involved in extra-marital affair. Recently after experiencing strange symptoms, I went for Laboratory test which showed that I now have gonorrhoea and Staphylococcus. Does it mean I was not properly cured?

Mr. Dafe Ogisor,



Dear Mr. Ogisor,

            You were properly treated and healed. Your wife whom you did not treat re-infected you. Treat your wife and yourself at the same time.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

I must confess that Fresh-dew has helped me to fight my vagina discharge and candidas. Thanks to all the staff of Nature Magazine that made it possible for me to discover the uses of Fresh-dew. If Fresh-dew is useful and helpful in many things, can I use it to firm my breast which now look flat on my chest and how will I use it? I enclosed self addressed stamp envelope for reply and don’t publish this letter or my name in your magazine.

Tessy,  Ibadan.


Dear Tessy,

            We don’t send personal reply through postal mail. You can visit any of our offices for private consultation. Fresh-dew is not for the firming of breast and presently we have no product for breast firming. Nature-H2 can only keep breast firmed if it has not started sagging. Ladies that started using Nature-H2 before breast feeding age or those that use Nature-H2 daily before the maturity age of breast sagging always keep their breast firmed even in old age. Note that Nature-H2 cannot firm breast that has already gone through sagging but helps maintain the size of breast and avoid sagging.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

After using Fresh-dew for ten days I found no improvement in my health before I stop using it. It could not cure my staphylococcus. Why are people writing that Fresh-dew cured their sexually transmitted diseases when it could not cure me. I have also visited many doctors and healing homes to no avail. Is this Staphylococcus really treatable and why has this ailments in my body defy Fresh-dew treatment after using it for ten days?

Mr. Akpan Agbebakwo,  Aba.


Dear Mr. Agbebakwo,

            Fresh-dew cures gonorrhoea and Chlamydia within few days, while it cures syphilis and staphylococcus that is not more than one year in the body within one month. It takes about 3 months before it can cure syphilis or staphylococcus that are over one year old in human body. Many people have used this product even with Gonan medicine for up to six months before they received total healing because some infections have stayed up to 20 years in some people before they discovered Fresh-dew. Treating yourself and your sexual partner gives assurance of total healing.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

Five years ago, when I was in Lagos my wife and I use to enjoy your products known as Nature-H2 and Living tea. I also bought the medicine for my father which he used and treated his Diabetes and high blood pressure. The medicine worked perfectly for my father who gained back his health. I have been transferred to Sokoto and we cannot get the medicine to buy here. Kindly send to me the address nearest to Sokoto where I can buy the medicine for my wife?

Mohammed W. Kadiri, Sokoto.


Dear Kadiri,

            We have no office or agent in Sokoto State. Pay into the company’s account and text your name and address to any of the phone numbers of Nature Magazine Limited. The product shall be sent to you immediately and it will get to you within two days through courier service. Check Nature Magazine page 14 for prices and page 27 for the company’s account number. We deliver within and outside the country through courier service.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

After using Fresh-dew to clear infections in my body I decided to continue with Nature-H2 to treat my diabetes that has been my major problem. Now that Nature-H2 has reduced the blood sugar, not that I’m totally cured, can I still continue with my insulin injection? I have been on insulin injection for  three years before I discovered your medicine. Advice me on what to do as Natue-H2 seems to be working for me since I started it Last month.

Anayo Chukwuziele,  Nsukka.


Dear Chukwuziele,

            Our herbal products are not replacement for doctor’s prescription. Natural products help doctor’s prescription to work well. Continue with your doctor’s prescription until you feel more better to discontinue.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

A friend told me how some medicine he bought from you in Lagos worked for him. Because of this, I went to your Benin City Office and bought Nature-H2, Fresh-dew, Gonan and Living tea for Staphylococcus, Diabetes and watery sperm. Is it good to use all the medicine together at the same time without side effect?

Mr. Benson Ifionifoh,,

Benin City.


Dear Mr. Ifionifoh,

            It is very safe to use all the products at the same time without side effect. The products are made from  edible  healing foods. It is like taking soup which contains Mellon, crayfish, pepper, onion, vegetables, oil, etc. at the same time without side  effect.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

I got married about ten years ago without a child. Any time I’m pregnant and the pregnancy gets to 3 months, a man will make love to me in the dream and I will have miscarriage the next day. I will also develop fever and headache after the dream. After reading through Nature Magazine I discovered Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew  medicine and I believe this medicine will be able to heal and free me from this trouble. I started taking Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew since two weeks ago when I discovered I was about one month pregnant. Is there any medicine I will add to Nature-H2 and Fresh-dew?

Mrs. Anakofi Ajanakore, Lagos.


Dear Mrs. Ajanakore,

            Nature-H2 or Fresh-dew cannot solve your problem. Your problem is spiritual and only Jesus Christ can free you and your house-hold from this problem and any other ailment. It is a very simple thing for Jesus Christ to do for you. He has done it for many people that believe in him and he can also do it for you. Go to any Pentecostal church or pastor. Go with your husband immediately and be freed after deliverance prayers. But run away from churches or pastors that are professional visioners and those that charges money for prayer (commercial pastors) or those that make sacrifices both in the river or special water to bath or making incantation with  blood incision. Deliverance is free with no sacrifice, because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for every body including you and me over 2000 years ago.

            Congratulation in advance for your freedom, good health, wealth and fruitful marriage are now for you and your household if you believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour without serving any other god. All other gods are man-made gods, while some are demon made gods.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

I must thank you for the good work you are doing. Your magazine made me to know Fresh-dew, Gonan, Nature-H2 and Living tea which I used for myself and my wife. The infections we had since we married are all gone. I can now meet my wife as a man, my sperm count has built up and my wife fallopian tube that was blocked has opened. My wife’s pregnancy is six months old. What does it cost to represent you in my town to market the medicine to our people here? It is not easy going to Benin City to buy your medicine. Please I want to be your agent.

Alhaji Musa Gole Yusuf,  Lokoja.


Dear Alhaji Yusuf,

            Any person can receive our products through courier (home delivery) service any where in the world without coming to Benin City or our office. Check magazine page 27 for account number. We are now in Lokoja.



Dear Editor-In-Chief,

When I could not make my wife pregnant after many years of marriage, we went for Laboratory Examinations. Both of us where found healthy. We visited many hospitals in Nigeria and Overseas and all the Laboratory results found nothing wrong with either my wife or me, and making my wife pregnant was impossible till a friend introduced Fresh-dew, Nature-H2 and Living tea in 2001. My wife and I took the medicine regularly and we are blessed with four children as at today. The question now is whose fault, was it, me or my wife that made child bearing impossible before we discovered your medicine?

Alhaji Bello Okhunon,  Minna.


Dear Alhaji Okhunon,

            This is not the time to blame or accuse any person but to give thanks to almighty God that made the impossibility to become possible. The past was like that to enable you give thanks to God today. Our products cannot work if God’s blessing is not there.



Dear Editor-In-Chief

I have been suing Nature-H2 for treatment and it is good for me and my family. Recently my driver whom I sent to buy the product for me brought Nature-H2 plus. Which one is better, Nature-H2 or Nature-H2 plus?

Frank Osemekhonan, Lagos.


Dear Mr. Osemekhonan

Nature-H2 and Nature-H2 Plus are the same products, work and treat the same ailments. The difference is Nature-H2 Plus has more ingredients than Nature-H2, and Nature-H2 Plus is available only in Liquid.