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Malaria Fever

By 7th June 2017Personal Health

Malaria fever is a disease that is killing millions of people in the tropical region. This sickness which you can not get while in Europe and some parts of America is caused by mosquitoe. There are no mosquitoes in Europe and some parts of America because of their weather. Malaria fever comes with headache, high temperature, loss of appetite, weakness, pale skin, muscular pains and sometimes dizziness.

CAUSES: A single celled organism known as plasmodium which due in the red blood cells of the sufferer results in malaria fever. Mosquitoe bite spread the parasites from person to person. Mosquitoe injects the blood it sucked from the victim into the blood stream of another person.

NUTRITIONAL REMEDIES: Chlorophyll:- ( plant’s blood) builds immunity, builds blood supply, detoxifies, de-ordorizes and soothes inflammation. It also activates enzymes, renews tissue and it is rich in beta-carotene, protein and nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) for cell renewal. The whole body system including the blood of malaria victim is weak. Green leaves contain chlorophyll. Vitamin ‘B’ Complex: use 50mg two times daily. Vitamin C:- with bioflavonoid 1,000mg daily.

HERBAL REMEDIES: Avoid Mosquitoe attack, remove broken bottles and cans that harbour water from the compound and surroundings as these act as mosquitoe breeding homes. Sleep under mosquitoe net.
(a) Combine yellow pawpaw leaves with dogoyaro, Lemon grass, orange peels, bitter leaves, goat weed, mango leaves or bark, guave leaves and water. Boil the combination and take half glass three times daily
(b) Take ten capsules or ten table spoonful of NATURE-H2 three times daily for the first three days, then five capsules or five table spoonful three times daily for two weeks. Drink up to three litres of water daily.

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