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Paw-paw cure for deadly diseases

By 5th June 2017Cures

Paw-Paw has been scientifically proved as a cure for: Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Bladder problems, Dysentry, Jaundice, constipation, stomach problems, pile, etc.

The Medicinal value of Paw-Paw has been scientifically proved. Scientists and traditional healers all over the world have agreed that paw-paw is known to be effective as a natural remedy for Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Bladder problems, Dysentery, jaundice, constipation, etc.

Paw-paw also contains nutrients, including vitamin A, B, C, protein, carbohydrates, etc.

The juice from paw-paw tree is exported by some countries as preservative for “chill-proofing” beer and as a medicine in pharmacy. A raw material in leather and textile industries, it is also used in the manufacture of chewing gum.

Paw-paw is a native of tropical America and was brought into Africa by the early slave masters. This plant is grown in the tropical region of Africa and its cultivation has conveniently been extended into the forest regions. Paw-paw plant belongs to the family of caricacea.

No special skill is required in the cultivation of paw-paw which grows easily. Greater percentage of paw-paw grows without the help of man.  Only in recent years  paw-paw farms have been cultivated by man for commercial purposes. It has also been found in the export market.

This plant is of two types: the male and female. The male paw-paw is reserved by man for medical purpose only, while the female paw-paw produces fruits for both food and medicine.

In the book of Watt and Breyer: paw-paw contains lots of nutrients. According to: I.M. Dalzie, paw-paw can be used in a pharmacy.

Paw-paw plant produces fruits throughout the year. Some of the fruits weigh between 200 grams and 7kg.

Paw-paw juice can be used with cold infusion with the bark of Rauwolta vomitoria as preservative for kola-nut against insects.

According to I. M. Dalziel, the leaves and roots of the young ones are capable of causing abortions, the leaves of paw-paw are used for fever and as an anthelmintic while some tribes regard the leaves as vegetable and give the fruits to animals.

The Igbos make soup from unripe paw-paw with pumpkin leaves, while the Hausas make infusion from the roots as natural remedy for pile.

Dysentery is no longer a deadly disease among the users of paw-paw. Dysentery can be cured with paw-paw.

The leaves of paw-paw are used to tenderize food and as soap to remove stains.

Traditional healers make infusion from the root and bark as natural cure for gonorhoea and syphilis.

Infusion of young paw-paw fruits cure serious stomach ulcer in a few days.

Parts of paw-paw plants are also used as a natural remedy for skin diseases.

Infusion made from the young and unripe fruits is used as cure for jaundice while the roots are known as natural remedy for kidney and bladder problems.

The American Indians cure respiratory problems with sweetened decoction of the flower from both male and female paw-paw plants.

The uses of both female and male paw-paw roots as contraceptive in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is practiced in many homes. This is a natural method of family planning.

American scientists have discovered that paw-paw could be used

  1. For chill-proofing bear.
  2. as a medicine.
  3. in pharmacy.
  4. to tenderize meat.
  5. in shrinking textile.
  6. in the leather industry.
  7. in the manufacturing of chewing gum.


The scientists have also prescribed this to assist protein digestion in chronic dyspepsia, gastric fermentation and gastritis.

It has also been used in the treatment of sloughing wounds, in the treatment of chronic Otitis media and for dissolving the diptheritic membrane.

Paw-paw is one of the few fruits crops that cannot tolerate chemical fertilizer. It grows well on good soil. You can freely eat this fruit without fear of the harmful effect of chemical fertilizer.

No part of paw-paw is wasted as all are useful to man.

Paw-paw is also known as PAPAYA while its enzyme is called papain.

PAPAIN ENZYMES: Are energized protein molecules, “SPARKS OF LIFE” needed for every biological process. They are not present in cooked food because they are destroyed at 1100f Papain Enzymes taken on an empty stomach reduce inflammation, assist immunity and help digest protein. These enzymes also help to digest and expel bactarias and viruses.


  1. STOMACH ULCER:- Get some unripe pawpaw fruits and cut to pieces. Boil all (the seeds and cover included) in a pot with water. Filter out the boiled pawpaw after two days. Take half glass three times daily. Use only when it is warm.
  2. IMPOTENCE:- Get whole unripe pawpaw into pieces, boil and take half glass (liquid only) two times daily.
  3. ASTHMA:- Inhale smoke from dried pawpaw leaves during attack.
  4. MALARIA:- Take half glass of infusion of yellow pawpaw leaves three times daily.
  5. PILE:- Get some quantities of pawpaw roots, boil in a pot with water. Take half glass (liquid only) four times daily. Insert into the anus after each defecation mixture of dried powder pawpaw with Freshdew.
  6. ULCER:- Cut some fruits of unripe pawpaw fruits. Soak in a clean water for few days and take half glass (liquid only) three times daily.
  7. COUGH:- Chew and swallow the liquid from tender pawpaw roots every three hours.
  8. JAUNDICE:- Infuse some quantities of unripe pawpaw fruits for few days. Take half glass (liquid only) three times daily.
  9. EPILEPSY:- Grind dried pawpaw leaves into powder and mix with palm kernel oil or shell, butter. Use as body cream regularly.
  10. CONVULSION:- Use as stated above for epilepsy.
  11. WORM:- Chew a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds on empty stomach in the morning to kill and expel any worm in the stomach.
  12. IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION:- Grind dried pawpaw seeds and mix with lemon juice. Take quarter glass two times daily.
  13. TUBERCULOSIS:- Chew and swallow a handful of ripe pawpaw seeds with garlic two times daily and mixture of ginger and bitter kola in a bottle of honey. Take a table spoonful morning and evening.
  14. STOMACHACHE:- Mix equal quantities of white juice of unripe pawpaw and honey. Dilute two spoonful in a glass of water two to three times daily.
  15. CONSTIPATION:- Squeeze a handful of pawpaw leaves in a glass of water and take for quick relieve.


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