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Prevention and Cure of Cancer

By 7th June 2017Cures

Cancer is a serious disease that may attack any part of the body. It is no respecter of age, sex, or race. Cancer may develop in any person, but it is more likely to occur after one is thirty-five years of age.

In the U.S, 1,000 people or more die from cancer every day. Many of the cases could have been prevented. Late reports from researches on cancer indicate a relationship between cancer and diet. So much that some research groups are saying in males some forms of cancer may be 30-40% diet related and 50-60% diet related in females. The evidence is that high fat diet are associated with an increased incidence of breast, prostrate and colon cancer.

The prudent anti-cancer diet is made up of largely fruits, vegetable and whole grain cereals and dietary fiber. People are strongly urged to eat more less visible fats of all types, saturated and unsaturated. Cancer may be a resemblance tissue in the body that may be involved. Under the miscroscope, cancer is seen to be a disorderly and an uncontrolled mass of cells that seems to grow wildly.

Fortunately, many forms of cancer can be detected early and proper treatment instituted in time will result in almost a sure cure.
Cancer is not hereditary, but some people have inherited a strong tendency toward cancer just as some have inherited a tendency towards high blood pressure.
Fortunately, the major number of tumours or abnormal growths on or in the body are not cancer. For example, only 1 out of 5 cases of masses in the breast turn out to be cancerous. But those having the mass cannot know if the mass is cancerous or not. They must consult a well-trained doctor for him to determined the nature of this abnormal growth.

Delay to see the doctor could be very dangerous and could cost the life of the person. Cancer develops frequently in the skin, mouth or gatro-intestinal organs. Wherever there is chronic inflammation or irritation, cancer is more likely to occur.
There are seven danger signals that are good to keep in mind relating to cancer. A person would do well to watch out for these and go to a qualified doctor on time
They are:-
a. Any sore that does not heal in 3 to 8 weeks.
b. Any recent lump or thickening in the breast or elsewhere.
c. Any unusual bleeding or discharge from body openings.
d. Any change in wart or mole on the skin. Those located in friction areas should be removed before change come in them.
e. Any persistent indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.
f. Persistent hoarseness over 3 weeks duration or a chronic cough.
g. Any change in normal bowel or bladder habits.

Here are some suggestion as to how to avoid cancer.
a. Avoid chronic irritation in any form.
b. Take a regular thorough physical examination yearly. This includes for the woman a pap smear.
c. Have all suspicious tissues removed or treated.
d. Take good care of your mouth and teeth.
e. Avoid inhaling irritating fumes including tobacco smoke.
f. Investigate any persistent cough.
g. Avoid tight clothing that causes irritations.
h. Keep skin clean. In some parts of the world, two baths a day may need to be taken instead of one.
i. NATURE-H2 prevents all manners of cancer. Those who take two-table spoonful of NATURE-H2 every morning do not suffer from cancer.
j. Dr. Dennis Burkitt an internationally known epidemiologist has reportedly said that people in counties with westernized life style, if they would stop smoking and eat correctly (natural foods-high in fiber) and avoid fats and sugars (refined foods), probably up to 80% of cancer would be prevented.
k. Combine NATURE-H2, CHITOSN, FRESH-DEW and LIVING TEA in the treatment of Cancer.

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