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Typhoid fever

By 7th June 2017Personal Health

Typhoid fever is an infection which spread through the use of contaminated food and drinking water. The fever is unlike malaria, the pulse goes down as the fever-increases. The symptoms include bitter mouth taste, body aches, pains, headache, weakness, loss of appetite, vomiting and fever which goes up each day.

CAUSES:- Bacterium called salmonella typhi causes typhoid fever. The infection spread through contaminated food, water, fruits and houseflies are the major store carrier that distribute this bacterium. The flow of flood on or in the land distributes the bacterium to wells and some bole holes.

NUTRITIONAL REMEDIES:- Vitamin ‘C’ with bioflavonoid:- 1,000mg two times daily, Vitamin ‘B’ complex:- 100mg daily. Vitamin ‘E’, with mixed tocopherals:- use 400iu daily. Zinc:- 25mg daily. Copper 3mg daily. Beta-Caroten:- 25,000iu. Garlic:- 3 capsules three times daily. Eat green food to enable you have chlorophyll.

(a) Take ECHINACEA twenty drops with DANDELION and LICORICE ROOTS.
(b) CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA (LIME), Slice about 12 fruits in four litres of water and boil it. Take about 20ml (Liquid only) three times daily for two weeks. Ulcer patients should not take lime.
(c) FRESH-DEW, take four table spoonful two times daily. Use FRESH-DEW with GONAN when treating typhoid infection.

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