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Frigidity is a disease that makes women to develop low sex drive. This disease makes many married women not to have interest in Sexual intercourse. This development drives husbands out of their homes to look for pleasure where they will end up marrying second wife or polluting themselves with sexually transmitted diseases.

Childhood disease that was poorly treated is one of the causes of frigidity in women at adult-hood. Chicken pox, Measles, polio, etc are some of the diseases. Candida, Chlamydia, yeast infections from mother to child during child-birth are also contributors.

The environment and culture of the people registered negative believe in the heart of many parents in rural areas that care should not be given to female children. Parents give more care to male children than their female ones in rural area. This Psychologically affect the behavoural attitude of the female child.

This kind of unholy surgery removes the female clitoris from the vagina. The clitoris is the natural identity of a person as a female. Twenty five percent of those circumcised have the roots of their clitoris removed and making them not to respond naturally to sexual demand. Though they give birth but the electrical response is zero.

NATURE:- Estrogen level is very low in one percent of women. The pituitary gland is not able to produce the normal hormone level in one out of every one hundred women.

HERBAL REMEDIES:- Nature has given solution to all problems in the world. Identifying the solutions has been the problem of man since the creation of the world.

(a) DONG QUAI:- Dong Quai should be taken with ginseng. Make half tea spoonful of Dong quai with one teaspoonful of ginseng tea once daily.

(b) BLACK COHOSH:- Use BLACK COHOSH as tincture in Liquid three times daily or as tea two times daily.

(c) MEXICAN WILD YAM:- Use this in combination with either Unicorn root or Black Cohosh or both to give good result.

(d) NATURAL PROGESTERONE CREAM:- apply half tea spoonful from middle of menstrual circle.

(e) NATURE-H2:- take two table spoonful or two capsules two times daily.

Women should eat nuts, avacados and add olive oil to their diet to help lubricate the vagina

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